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In performance, Aepril becomes Trickster, Warrior, Ghost, Storm, Grieving Mother, Killer, Snow Queen, Seductress… Aepril’s performances invoke the archetypal Feminine as a force of nature and magick.

Aepril’s dance performances have taken place at such diverse venues as churches, goth clubs, weddings, homeless shelters, Wiccan celebrations, heavy metal shows, and abandoned buildings, as well as theaters and festivals.

Aepril is lead choreographer for Exquisite Corpse Dance Theatre and their original, full-length theatrical bellydance production, “The Book of Lilith”.

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Battling the Shadow: The Morrigan III

Selected Choreographies

-2010: “The Book of Lilith”: A full-length theatrical bellydance production about the ancient Middle Eastern goddess and demoness. For Aepril’s troupe, Exquisite Corpse Dance Theatre; numerous props.

-2010: “The Snow Queen”:
An evocation of the heartless beauty and power of Winter, and the inevitable coming of Spring. With wings of Isis.

“The Morrigan” series (I, II & III):
Exploration and Invocation of different aspects of the Celtic Raven Goddess of War, Victory, Prophecy, Mourning, Death, Rebirth, and Justice:

-2009 “Battling the Shadow: The Morrigan III”. A dance/battle with the enemies within and without. With sword and wings of Isis.

-2008 “The Washer at the Ford: The Morrigan II”.
A dance expressing her grief at the loss of her soul mate, Coda. White mourning clothes with veil.

-2007 “The Morrigan”. Invocation of the ancient Celtic Raven Goddess of War, Victory and Prophecy. With skull staff and veil.

-2009: “The Heart Asks Pleasure First”/Raqs Assaya Victoriana:
Neo-Victorian gothic piece about love and sacrifice. To the music of Michael Nyman and Maduro. With veil and cane.

-2008: “The Birth of Venus Cthonia”
Giving birth to herself as Venus of the Underworld.
With Mermaid Tail, “seaweed”, handmirror.

-2007: “Gaia”:
A protest against the destruction of the earth and wildlife.
With tree branches and veil. Revisioned in 2010 in response to the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

-2006: “The Storm”:
Shamanistic piece embodying nature at her most beautiful and destructive.

-2006: “The Passion of the Mary’s”:
Exploration of the spiritual mysteries of Mary Magdalene/Mary Virgin; Mother, Lover, Widow. With veil and chalice.


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